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 Sangiovese - A traditional Italian red wine.   Medium-bodied with flavors of oak, cherry and vanilla. $19.00

Calogero di Alia - A tip of the hat to homemade Sicilian style wine.  Created by our master vintner.  $20.00 

Cabernet Sauvignon -
A smooth and fruity start with a light American Oak that rounds out the mid-palate.  Notes of pepper and black licorice.  $16.00

Syrah - Dry red with french oak.  $18.00

Dry White:

Artisan White - Dry Pino Grigio style wine $16.00


Artisan Blush - Bright and fruity with sweet strawberry and grape flavors.   $14.00


Harvest: Big jammy flavors in this traditional style sweet wine.  Great for during and after dinner!  $15.00

Dolce Maria - Sweet and fruity with hints of mango and strawberry.  $15.00

Rosso Delizioso - Bright crisp apple with sweet fresh grape to complement.  Great for a lemonade sangria! $14.00

Artisan Red - Spiced red wine with hints of vanilla and cinammon.  Great warmed or chilled.  $16.00


Moscato - Sweet and delicat white wine with hints of stone fruit flavors - great in our Apple Pie Moscato recipe!! $15.00

Bianco Delizioso - A sweet white wine.  Bright grape and stone fruit flavors with a delicate finish. $14.00

Mango - Moscato wine with mango flavors. $16.00


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